Where to go

Amsterdam, tulip fields, fishing village of Marken, famous cheese market in Alkmaar, windmills, polders, dykes, nature reserves. Wherever you want to go, whatever you want to see, there is sure to be a cycle route that will take you there. Holland has thousands of kilometres of cycle paths and long-distance cycle routes to explore. And if that's not enough: some routes connect with the European cycle network.

Day trips

Are you in Holland for just a short time? Do you want ideas for the very best cycle route? We've made a selection of day trips especially for cyclists from abroad, in English. Not only to the touristic highlights, but also to other places of interest, including many areas of outstanding natural beauty.


Guided tours

Are you looking for a guided tour somewhere in Holland? To help you on your way, we made a selection of the most popular guided tours offered by Dutch tour operators.


Long-distance routes

Do you want to cycle through Holland for several days or even weeks? There are many marked and unmarked routes of varying lengths. Some have an interesting (Dutch) theme. The signposted national long-distance cycle network (LF routes) is ideal for cyclists who are new to Holland.


European cycle routes

A pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. Touring along 6000 km of North Sea coastline. Crossing Europe all the way to the Black Sea: Holland is a gateway to an extensive European cycle network.


City pages

Do you want to explore the major Dutch cities by bike? On our city pages you'll find all the information you need. From bike rental companies to cycle routes and guided tours. From city cycle maps to bike-friendly accommodation.