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From the flat open polders of Groningen to the gentle hills of Limburg - Cycling along the Pieterpad takes you through the varied landscapes of east of Holland from the Wadden Sea in the north to the Pietersberg on the Belgian border. The route is named after the Pieterpad, the most popular Dutch long-distance walking route which it follows where possible.
Cycling through the open polder land of Groningen. Photo © Holland-Cycling.com

Cycling through the open polder land of Groningen. Photo © Holland-Cycling.com

Majestic rivers, meandering streams, forests, heathlands, drifting sand dunes, hedgerows, fields, hills and flat open polders – Cycling along the Pieterpad showcases the wide variety of landscapes that are typical for the east part of Holland.

Impressive castles, picturesque windmills, the Roman town of Maastricht, the modern architecture of Groningen - there are many places of cultural and historic interest to enjoy on the route. It also takes you through various areas of outstanding natural beauty. Make a short detour to visit the Westerbork transit camp where Anne Frank and her family were deported to.

Cycling along the Pieterpad is not signposted or marked on cycle maps. The guide book Fietsen langs het Pieterpad gives you maps and a description of the route in both directions. If your Dutch isn’t good enough to follow the description, we recommend using the guide book in combination with a detailed cycle map or the downloadable GPS tracks.

Combine this long-distance route with a day trip. We recommend:

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Cycling along the Pieterpad (Fietsen langs het Pieterpad)

Route: Pieterburen - Pietersberg
Distance: 515 km
Guide book: Fietsen langs het Pieterpad, Uitgeverij Elmar
GPS tracks:  Download from Uitgeverij Elmar