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Prehistoric burial mounds, megalithic tombs (Dutch: Hunebedden), medieval cart tracks, traditional villages and fortress towns - the LF14 shows you the history of the rural north-eastern provinces of Holland.
Megalithic tomb in Borger. Photo © Holland-Cycling.com

Megalithic tomb in Borger. Photo © Holland-Cycling.com

The mudflats of the Wadden Sea, the 70 km-long sand ridge of the Hondsrug ‘towering’ (remember: this is Holland!) over the surrounding area, river valleys, woods and heathland - it’s hard to describe this varied route in a few words. The combination of nature, history and picturesque towns make this part of Holland popular among Dutch tourists.

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LF14 Saxons Route (Saksenroute)

Route: Lauwersoog - Enschede  
Distance: 290 km
Connections: Lauwersoog - ferry to Wadden Island of Schiermonikoog
Groningen - LF9
Neuenhaus - LF16
Enschede - LF4
Maps: Online cycle route planner, or any good cycle map
GPS tracks: Download from Nederland Fietsland
Please note that all the LF routes are to undergo a radical overhaul in 2017-2021. In 2020 the LF14 Saxons Route is scheduled to be discontinued and a new route through the east of Holland is to be launched.