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The national long-distance cycle network (LF routes) is a series of signposted routes intended for cycling holidays. You can pick up some of the national long-distance routes and more right in the centre of Utrecht.
Cycling along the LF4 at Rijnauwen. Photo © Holland-Cycling.comCycling along the LF4 at Rijnauwen. Photo © Holland-Cycling.com

National long-distance routes

There are several national long-distance routes that pass through Utrecht: the Middle of Holland Route (LF4), the Sea Level Route (LF9) and the Roman Limes Route

You can cycle a LF route as a separate long-distance route, or - as the LF routes form a network across Holland - combine them into a route of your own. Combining the LF routes often gives you a more varied route and allows you to get back to your starting point. So get creative and don't just focus on one route!

Example of a round trip from Utrecht using the national long-distance cycle network

Utrecht to Spakenburg - LF9 (Sea Level Route)
Spakenburg to Den Oever - LF Zuiderzee Route (LF Zuiderzeeroute)
Den Oever to Katwijk - LF Coastal Route
atwijk to Utrecht - Roman Limes Route

For an overview of all the national long-distance routes and how the network works, go to: National long-distance cycle network.

Other long-distance routes

There are also other long-distance cycle routes that are not part of the national long-distance cycle network, which are equally interesting. These are usually not signposted or marked on regular cycle maps, so you need to get the guide book with the route. The Limes Route, which follows the old Roman border from the North Sea at Katwijk to the Black Sea, passes through the centre of Utrecht.

Long-distance routes passing through Utrecht

LF4 Middle of Holland Route (Midden-Nederlandroute)
The Hague - Enschede (290 km)

From the dunes by The Hague through the Rhine valley and National Park Veluwe Zoom to the eastern town of Enschede - the LF4 takes you through a variety of typical Dutch landscapes.

LF9 Sea Level Route (NAP-route)
Nieuweschans - Breda (455 km)

Much of Holland lies below sea level, so what would happen if the dykes and dunes were no longer there? What would be sea, what would be land? The LF9 takes you along an imaginary Dutch coastline.

Limes Cycle Route (Limes Fietsroute)
Katwijk - Millingen (Dutch section of the route - 165 km)

From Katwijk where the River Rhine used to flow into the North Sea to Millingen on the German border - the Limes Cycle Route takes you along the northern border line of the Roman Empire.

Roman Limes Route (Romeinse Limesroute)
Katwijk - Nijmegen (220 km)

Roman forts, ancient cities and the River Rhine - the Roman Limes Route takes you along the Dutch section of the Roman border.