Cyclists Welcome!

Some hotels, campsites, restaurants and cafes give cyclists an extra warm welcome. You'll recognise them by the Cyclists Welcome! (Fietsers Welkom!) logo. The Cyclist Welcome! scheme advertises with special facilities for guests who come on their bike. Go to the Fietsers Welkom! website for the businesses that are part of the Cyclists Welcome! scheme.

Cyclists Welcome! scheme - what does it offer?

  • There is a basic bicycle repair kit you can borrow in case of a puncture
  • You can recharge your electric bike free of charge
  • You are allowed to fill your water bottles free of charge - Dutch tap water is of exceptionally good quality and safe to drink (some even say it's better than bottled water!)
  • You can buy cycle maps
  • There is a first aid kit cyclists you can use in case of emergencies

Extra services offered by hotels and campsites:

  • However full a campsite is, they will never send a cyclist away
  • Hotels offer a safe place to park your bike - this is very useful in large cities
  • Hotels offer a place to dry your wet clothing
Aren't cyclists welcome everywhere?

The Cyclists Welcome! scheme might suggest that cyclists are not welcome at other hotels, campsites, cafes and restaurants. This is most certainly not the case. The Cyclists Welcome! scheme simply guarantees there are certain facilities for cyclists that are not necessarily available everywhere. As the locations are marked on various maps, they are easy to find.

The facilities offered by the Cyclists Welcome! scheme might not be at the top of your list when choosing your accommodation or somewhere to have a snack. You might prefer a hotel on a quiet rural location to one right next to a motorway where you can recharge an electric bike that you don't have. Or you might prefer to stay at a campsite where you can rent a bike than at one where you can buy a cycle map. Whatever you're looking for, there are plenty of options.