Bicycle rental

At tourist sites, at your accommodation, at train stations, at bike repair shops: you will find somewhere to rent a bicycle wherever you are in Holland. Renting a bicycle is easy and not that expensive. It can save you the hassle of bringing your own bike along.
Renting a bicycle in Holland is easy and cheap. Photo ©

Renting a bicycle in Holland is easy and cheap. Photo ©

Renting a bicycle - how does it work?

You can rent a bicycle for however long you want: a couple of hours, a day, or even several weeks. Renting a bike for a longer period is usually relatively cheaper. Please note, that it is usually not possible to drop off your bike at a different location. If you want to cycle from A to B you can take your bike back to your starting point by train, or book a cycling holiday which includes accommodation, bike rental and return of bike.

To rent a bike you will need to show a valid identification document. You will also be asked to pay a deposit, which you will get back when you safely return the bike. The rental fee usually includes an insurance for if the bike gets stolen or damaged.

Reserving a bicycle in advance is always a good idea, especially in the busy holiday season, or if you want to rent bikes for the whole family. Some rental places only have standard Dutch bicycles (see photo above). Others offer a wider variety of bikes, ranging from tandems, cargo bikes and electric bikes to children's bicycles in all sizes and bikes for cyclists with special needs.

If you want to know what type of bikes are available at a bike rental place, check out their website. Also find out whether accessories such as bicycle bags, child bike seats or bike trailers are available. A bicycle pump and basic repair kit to mend a puncture are not provided as standard. You can buy the latter for a few euros at a bicycle shop or even at some supermarkets.

If you want to rent a bike on a regular basis, you could subscribe to the OV-bicycle scheme. Photo ©

If you want to rent a bike on a regular basis, you could subscribe to the OV-bicycle scheme. Photo ©

OV-bicycle scheme

Are you in Holland for a longer period and do you want to rent a bicycle on a regular basis? You could subscribe to the OV-bicycle scheme (OV stands for Openbaar Vervoer = public transport).

The idea is that you go somewhere by public transport and then use the OV-bicycle to get to your exact destination. The OV-bicycle can also be used for day trips.

You can rent an OV-bicycle at most train stations. Some of the smaller train stations have a self-service system, whereby you use a special pass to take the OV-bicycle out of a storage place or locker.

How does the OV-bicycle scheme work?

  • Subscribe to the scheme online on the website of Dutch Rail.
  • You are charged a small fee for every time you rent a bike.
  • The rental fee is automatically taken from your IBAN bank account afterwards.
  • You can rent up to 2 bikes at the same time on one pass.
  • Maximum period you can rent a bike for is 72 hrs. If you return the bike after that you pay a surcharge.
  • No identification, paperwork or deposits. You simply scan your pass and you're done.
  • You can adjust the height of the bike to your needs without any tools.
  • For an additional fee you can return the standard OV-bicycle to any train station that doesn't use a self-service system.

Finding somewhere to rent a bicycle

Although there are many bike rental places all over Holland, finding out if there actually is one where you need one, is not that straightforward. Here are some options:

  • Find and reserve your rental bike online via BimBimBikes.
  • Go to the online cycle route planner. Click on the locations tab and select the box ‘Bovag Cycle rental’. All the rental places that are a member of the Bovag trade organisation will appear on the map. Please note that this is only a selection of all the places in Holland where you can rent a bike.
  • Look on your cycle map or in your guide book, they often tell you where some bike rental places are.
  • Via search engine: type 'fietsverhuur' + place where you want to rent a bike.
  • For bike rental options at train stations follow this link to Station information. Enter the name of a station to find out if you can rent a bike there.

For an overview of bike rental companies in the big cities,  go to:

Why not try out a more unusual type of bicycle for a day? Photo ©

Why not try out a more unusual type of bicycle for a day? Photo ©

Useful terminology

fiets = bicycle
OV-fiets = public transport bicycle
fietsverhuur or rijwielverhuur = bicycle rental

borg = deposit
fietsverzekering = bike insurance
kinderzitje = child bike seat
fietstas = bicycle bag
fietspomp = bicycle pump

Ik wil graag een fiets reserveren/huren =  I would like to reserve/rent a bike
Heeft u een ...? = Do you have a ...?