Day trips, long-distance routes, sections of international routes: there are more than 1000 cycle routes in Holland. Many of the cycle routes are conveniently signposted, so you won’t need to stop to consult your map all the time. If you’re following a marked route, which signposts do you need to look out for?
LF routes signposted at the ferry at Kinderdijk. Photo © Holland-Cycling.comLF routes signposted at the ferry at Kinderdijk. Photo ©
Signposts for the national long-distance cycle routes (LF routes)

Holland has a network of national long-distance cycle routes (LF routes) that take you all across the country. The LF routes are marked with green and white signposts in both directions. The signposts can vary per route and area you're cycling in. In particular the uncommon green sign on the toadstool signpost (see below) is easy to miss if you're looking out for the larger signposts. For more on the LF routes, go to: National long-distance cycle network.

Different signposts marking national long-distance cycle routes (LF routes). Photos ©

Signposts for the numbered cycle network

The numbered cycle network, which covers the whole of Holland, is intended for recreational cycling. It is marked with green and white signposts in both directions. The signposts can vary depending on the area you're cycling in. At most numbers, or junctions, you'll find an information board showing you where you are. For more on how the numbered cycle network works, go to: Numbered cycle network.

Signposts marking the numbered cycle network are always green and white. Photos ©

Signposts for themed cycle routes

The themed cycle routes have been partly replaced by the numbered cycle network, but there are still some interesting routes left. The themed routes can be day trips or long-distance routes. All the themed routes are marked with hexagonal signposts.

Different hexagonal signposts marking themed cycle routes. Photos ©

Signposts for mountain bike routes

Off-road cycling is a bit of a problem in Holland. With so many cycle paths, there is little room left for mountain bikes. Frankly, mountain bikers are notorious for being a nuisance, as they like to cycle in places where it is prohibited. There are some official mountain bike routes. These are marked with a round sign with a triangle and two circles underneath.

Marked mountain bike route. Photo ©