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A visit to Rotterdam isn't complete without a bike tour through the city. It's the most popular way of experiencing the Dutch bike culture. Many touristic highlights in the Rotterdam region are within cycling distance. Cycle paths will take you anywhere you like. Here are some tips for finding your way around Rotterdam.
Finding your way around Rotterdam. Photo © Holland-Cycling.comFinding your way around Rotterdam. Photo © Holland-Cycling.com

A great way of getting around Rotterdam - for both residents and tourists - is by bike. It's convenient, as you can cover more distance than on foot, it's fast and you can stop to look around and take photos wherever you want. Rotterdam has good cycling infrastructure. Most of Rotterdam's main streets have separate cycle lanes and a network of cycle paths takes you through the city fast - and away from other traffic whenever possible.

Many touristic highlights in the Rotterdam region, such as Delft, Kinderdijk and the coast are also within cycling distance. There are good through cycle routes and ferry links that will take you from the centre of Rotterdam to the surrounding countryside and villages. It's a great way to experience the Dutch cycling culture!

Cycle maps of Rotterdam

To find your way around Rotterdam, you can use a regular tourist map, but there is also a special cycle map of Rotterdam and the region. This not only gives the touristic sights, but also help you find the most bike-friendly routes through the city and the surrounding countryside. The map is made together with the Dutch Cyclists' Union and can be purchased at VVV tourist information offices and bookshops.

For a review of this series of cycle maps see: Amsterdam by bike maps reviewed.

Stadsregio Rotterdam op de fiets, 2nd edition

Cycle map of the Rotterdam region by Cito-plan

  • scale 1:50,000
  • all cycle paths, numbered cycle network
  • bicycle services (bike rental, bike parking, bike repair)
  • touristic highlights
  • street names (without index)

Of course there are cycle maps of the whole of Holland that also cover the Rotterdam region. For an overview, go to Planning your route - maps & books.

Signposting for cyclists

Dutch cycle paths are so well signposted, that even if you might not always know precisely where you are, you can hardly get lost. While the regular signposts for motorists are all blue, the signposts for cyclists are red and white or green and white.

Dutch cycle paths are well signposted with special signposts for cyclists. Photo © Holland-Cycling.comDutch cycle paths are well signposted with special signposts for cyclists. Photo © Holland-Cycling.com

The red and white signposts are for cyclists and moped riders. The green and white signposts are only for cyclists. These will usually take you along more scenic routes where mopeds are not allowed.

Green and white signposts are not only used for signing destinations. They are also used for signposting the national long-distance cycle routes (LF routes) and the numbered cycle network that takes you along scenic routes through the whole of Holland.

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