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Along the coast and through the Inland

The Netherlands basically means ‘the lower lands’, and the Frisian region embodies this name. Water and land are almost on the same level and are intertwined in every possible way. It’s only thanks to a large network of locks, dikes and pumps that it’s even possible to live here. This results in a unique open landscape, home to 12 ‘Natura 2000’ conservation areas. This tour is carefully planned to show you all the different landscapes that Friesland has to offer.

Bike Boat Discover Friesland Tour

Tour operator: Boat-Bike Tours
Type of holiday: self-guided, bike-boat tour
Luggage transport: not applicable
Accommodation: cabin (boat)
Number of days: 8 days
Price: from €1,229

You’ll cycle along canals and lakes, through open farmland and visit small villages that were granted city rights in medieval times. You’ll not only show see the mainland, but also the Wadden Islands off the coast, which are another part of this diverse province.

Your ship will take you on a crossing to one of the islands. In a three-hour cruise over the Wadden Sea you’ll get to know this special tidal area (listed as UNESCO World Heritage). This coastal wetland is typified by extensive mud flats, tidal creeks and the islands contained within it, a region continually contested by land and sea. On the crossing you’ll have plenty of opportunities to spot birds and wildlife.

The Frisian people are a proud folk who pride themselves on speaking Frisian, the official second language of the Netherlands. If you stop for coffee, try asking for a local treat like oranjekoeken or sugar bread. The province of Friesland is also known for a legendary ice-skating event: the Elfstedentocht. Translated as the ‘11-city tour’, it has an almost mythical status. It is skated on natural ice along small canals, all of which require a layer of ice at least 15cm thick. So, as you can image, this epic event only happens during really freezing winters. On this tour you’ll cycle part of this historic route.

The ship – Your sailing hotel

In between cycling excursions, you cruise along with the ship, which travels to a new destination every day. You dine, sleep and eat breakfast on board. You’ll receive a packed lunch every day, and you can usually choose between a longer or shorter bike ride. It’s also possible to spend a day on board if you like. There are rental bikes on board, but you can also bring your own if you mention it when booking.

Perfect for more experienced cyclists

With a detailed map of the area and a suggested route for close-range explorations, you decide where you head and how fast you ride. During the evening prior to next day’s cycling tour, the ship’s crew will explain some difficult parts, offer tips about the nicest places to stop for a drink or lunch, and mention the best highlights. In case of emergencies or problems, the crew can be contacted. But – as the ship is sailing to the next port – they can only offer assistance by phone.

Bike Boat Discover Friesland Tour photo nr. 1
Bike Boat Discover Friesland Tour photo nr. 1
Bike Boat Discover Friesland Tour photo nr. 1
Bike Boat Discover Friesland Tour photo nr. 1

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