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What’s a Rail Trail? It’s when an old abandoned railway that has fallen into disrepair is transformed into a path for cyclists and pedestrians. The Vennbahn rail trail, one of the prettiest and longest in Europe, was officially opened to cyclists in the summer of 2013.

Four Countries Vennbahn Rail Trail

Tour operator: Dutch Bike Tours
Type of holiday: self-guided
Luggage transport: included
Accommodation: hotel
Number of days: 8 days
Price: from €794

One hundred and twenty-five kilometers long, it is the result of successful collaboration between Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and the EU. It is seen as a milestone in the history of cross-border tourism. From 1885 to 1989 the Vennbahn railway connected the German town of Aachen to the town of Ulfingen (now Troisvierges) in Luxembourg.

Since 2013 tourists and locals alike have been zooming enthusiastically up and down the former railway through the hilly Eifel and Ardennes landscapes. Happily the maximum average incline is only 2% because trains couldn’t handle anything steeper. In 2014, at the Amsterdam Cycling and Hiking Fair, the Vennbahn was nominated Best Cycling Route of the Year 2014.

Now comes the exciting part! By connecting the Vennbahn Trail to an existing well-known bike route between Luxembourg and Maastricht in the Netherlands, an unique and beautiful eight-day round trip was created! The Luxembourg-Maastricht trail was developed 25 years ago by Amsterdam geographer Paul Benjaminse. It is part of a relatively flat route that leads from the Netherlands all the way to Rome. Bicycle tracks and quiet back-roads take cyclists through the prettiest spots in the Green Heart of Europe including the High Fens nature reserve in Belgium. Like a true explorer Benjaminse succeeded in tracing a route that bridged altitude levels as gradually as possible. So your pedals will turn at a tranquil and leisurely pace for the duration of the holiday, both on the Vennbahn and on the Benjaminse route, guaranteeing optimal enjoyment.

Cyclists stay the nights at hospitable three- and four-star hotels that also take care of your luggage transport.

Four Countries Vennbahn Rail Trail photo nr. 1
Four Countries Vennbahn Rail Trail photo nr. 1
Four Countries Vennbahn Rail Trail photo nr. 1
Four Countries Vennbahn Rail Trail photo nr. 1

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