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Pauline Porteus

Posted on 23 February 2021

We are thinking of planning a three or four day cycling trip in September. Our first day would take us from IJmuiden to Texel. Please can you tell me whether the LF route that we would need to take is entirely segregated from cars.

Thank you.

Hilary Staples

The LF routes are cycle-friendly, but never entirely segregated from cars. For example, the routes pass through towns and villages and here you will usually have to share the road with other traffic. 

The LF Coastal Route from IJmuiden to Den Helder mostly takes you through the dunes and along the coast with not a car in sight. In places where the dunes are narrow you follow a through road, but there is a separate cycle path. In IJmuiden, Den Helder and the villages along the route, the route won't be entirely segregated from cars, but it shouldn't be unsafe, even for inexperienced cyclists.

Should you be cycling with children and are you concerned about their safety, you might consider renting a family tandem or trailer bike. See: Cycling with Children.


Posted on 03 January 2021
With the increase of e bikes on already busy cycle paths, and considering the increased speed at which they travel and thus higher impact crashes shouldn’t the debate be reopened whether helmets should become compulsory to wear? I cycle every morning with my kids to take them to school. The number of near misses is increasing...

Hilary Staples

You're absolutely right. The cycle paths are getting a lot busier and the speed is increasing. Luckily helmets are already compulsory for speed pedelecs and more and more children and cyclists on fast bikes (e-bike, mountain bike etc.) are wearing a helmet. That's a start.

But is making helmets compulsory really the solution? Wouldn't it be better to give cyclists more space and maybe even make separate lanes for fast and slow cyclists so there are no near misses? Shouldn't we try to make cycling so safe that helmets are not really necessary?

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