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Mark Holling

Posted on 08 June 2024
My wife and I have just returned from a 16 day tour in the Netherlands. Your website was very helpful in planning. I’d like to mention 2 points that I found useful that you might like to add to the site. Trains. We used the NS (train company) app to get times, buy tickets and our day-bike tickets. The app then held the e-tickets which we used to access platforms and to show the ticket inspectors (we used 2 trains and tickets were checked on both). The carriages with bike space were clearly marked and bikes can be wheeled on with no lifting required - great when each bike has 2 full panniers. The space for bikes though was limited, outside a toilet, and it’s hard not to block the passageway with wide handlebars. Fietsknoop app. I’m surprised not to find a mention of navigating around using the excellent ‘Knooppunts’, where points are marked with a number and the next points are marked with arrrows. The app allows you to plan your route and check your location using GPS - use

Hilary Staples

Great to hear you had a good cycling holiday in Holland and that you found our site useful! That's why we make Holland-Cycling.com. It's feedback like this that helps us keep our website up to date. So many thanks!

T. Wehrhan

Posted on 19 March 2024
Thanks so much for putting together this site! I'm trying to plan a cycle tour of Holland for this spring from the USA. It's so hard to find English information. Your site is extremely helpful, well organized, and comprehensive without being overwhelming. Thanks again.

Hilary Staples

Thank you very much for your feedback. Hope you have a great trip!


Posted on 07 January 2024
Should ever I visit Holland I would be quite interested in visiting/cycling the collection of wooded areas just to the east of Alperdoorn. My father fought in those woods in April of 1945 as part of the Liberation. Are there trails in that area?

Hilary Staples


Yes, there are great cycle routes in the Apeldoorn area! Here is a link to our Apeldoorn Cycle Route which takes you to Het Loo Palace and the Royal Forest. You say your father fought in those woods in April 1945 as part of the Liberation. You might also be interested in our Arnhem Airborn Cycle Route takes you to the major landmarks of the Battle of Arnhem in WWII.

A question from a visitor

Posted on 27 September 2023

Hey Holland Cycling team! We will be in Amsterdam soon and want to go from Amsterdam to Marken by bike. Is the Uitdammerdijk still closed or is it possible to take this way?Thank you in advance!

Kind regards,
a Visitor

Hilary Staples


Dear Visitor,

Unfortunately, the work on the Uitdammerdijk is taking longer than planned and it will remain closed until the end of 2024. It is possible to make a detour, but obviously it is not as nice as cycling over the dyke.

Another option to get to Marken is via our Volendam Cycle Route which starts in Purmerend. This means taking a ferry from Volendam to Marken. See our Volendam Cycle Route.

A Visitor

Posted on 04 October 2023

Hi Hilary!

Thank you so much for that information!
You helped me a lot!


Posted on 04 August 2023

I am interested in the Round Netherlands route but I do not use GPX. Is there a list of the LF sections used so I can use the paper maps or is the route actually denoted on the paper maps?

Thank you, Iain 

Hilary Staples


To see which parts of the LF routes are included in the Tour of Holland (Ronde van Nederland), go to: www.nederlandfietsland.nl/fietsroute/lf-ronde-van-nederland/.

Actually, there is also a guide book (Dutch only) with a map of the Tour of Holland. See: www.nederlandfietsland.nl/fietsgidsen/fietsgids-ronde-van-nederland-via-lf-routes/

Murray Harvey

Posted on 07 July 2023

Hello, just out walking near Amsterdam and was in a collision with a cyclist using the pedestrian lane. What’s the rules on this. Thanks.

Hilary Staples


Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, cyclists regularly use foot paths and pedestrian lanes, but this is illegal and they can be fined for doing this. I hope you're fine and there is no damage. If there is, it's the cyclist who was in the wrong and should take the responsibility.


Posted on 02 July 2023

Hello, last month (June 2023) myself and my partner visited the Netherlands for the first time. It was also our first cycling trip! We had a wonderful time cycling the Zuiderzee route. The cycling was easy and relaxing compared to here in Scotland, camping places were easy to find and the Dutch people we spoke to were friendly and helpful. We can't wait to return.
Finding this website was a stroke of luck, there is so much information it made planning our trip that much easier which allowed us to be less anxious.
Thank you and keep up the great work.

Hilary Staples


Thank you for sharing your experiences!!! Great to hear you had such a fantastic time in Holland. There is plenty more to see, so hope you will return soon.


Posted on 12 May 2023

Just completed the LF Waterline route. Did it south to north thinking we’d outwit the wind, but that failed spectacularly ???? It is a fascinating route and I enjoyed seeing all the old forts and the ingenious uses to which they’ve been put to more recently. Wished we’d had more time to spend at the fort in Edam as there was so much to see (and the volunteer guides were so helpful) but we had to dash back for the ferry back to Hull!

Hilary Staples


Cycling from south to north usually is your safest bet, but here you can never trust the wind:-) Pleased to hear you enjoyed your cycling trip and all the forts along the route. Time is always too short when you're having fun. Hope you manage to return to Holland for more cycling soon!

Andrew Bell

Posted on 14 April 2023
The Dutch Railway is a joke trying to get from Den Haag to Maastricht two days before Amstel Gold was an absolute nightmare of a journey, reservations are definitely what are needed!

Hilary Staples

Hi Andrew,
Sorry to hear that you had a nightmare journey. Unfortunately, Dutch Rail has been having a lot of problems lately: staff shortages, work on the rail, cancelled trains, shorter trains (hence busier trains and less room for bikes).


Posted on 13 January 2023
Fantastic website. All of information is succinct and relevant. I greatly appreciate it all. Great help for planning and exploring options. Thank you!

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