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The Dutch and their bicycles, they’re pretty legendary. While tour operators lure tourists to Holland for its tulips and windmills, it’s actually the unique Dutch cycle culture that stands out most. Bicycles everywhere. Come rain, come shine, the young and the old are always heading somewhere on their bikes.
Holland - a paradise for cyclists. Photo © Holland-Cycling.com

Holland - a paradise for cyclists. Photo © Holland-Cycling.com

Holland’s many facilities especially for cyclists are unique. A dense network of marked cycle paths and routes literally takes you all across the country. If you want the network even connects you with other European cycle routes. Read more on: Holland - gateway to the European cycle network.

Safe cycle paths away from the busy traffic, easy going flat terrain and its varied, typically Dutch landscapes make Holland the ideal destination for your cycling holiday. Along your route you’ll meet many Dutch cycle tourists who are also enjoying all Holland has to offer.

For many of you Holland will be uncharted territory. Don’t let that or the Dutch language scare you off. Holland-Cycling.com not only gives you all the practical information and tips you need for a successful cycling holiday, it is also your guide to the best cycling destinations in Holland.

Exploring Holland - experiences of non-Dutch cyclists

"The Netherlands is perhaps the best place in the world to ride a bike." Heather

"My husband Andrew and I have been living in The Netherlands for two years now, and we're convinced that this little slice of cycling paradise is the perfect place for anyone considering a first international bicycle tour. [...] Come cycling here and you'll almost always be on your own traffic-free route. This makes bike touring here relaxing and very safe." Friedel Grant

"The Dutch people are equally fantastic. Their relentless enthusiasm for all things bike-related often translates into a friendly offer to guide the lost cyclist to the right destination. Add in a mostly flat landscape that is rarely strenuous and you have the perfect starting point for anyone who wants to see Europe from the saddle of a bike." Friedel Rother

"The moment I set foot in Amsterdam, I knew I would be exploring the city by two wheels. The first day I went and rented a bike for a week making me the happiest tourist ever; wandering around the canals and down the rivers, out into the non-touristsy areas where little English was spoken, riding into the countryside, and even going bar hopping with locals." Sherry

"The thing that struck me about cycling in the Netherlands is that the entire country exists for cycling with superb bike paths, places to park your bike in parks, practical bikes with places to store stuff and courtesy on the roads when cyclists are sharing with traffic." Mark H

"You will need rain gear, for sure. I never saw a bright, cloudless blue sky, but rather one with fleecy clouds. Often it reminded me of the skies in the Dutch master paintings, full of pleasant character." boblucky

"The Netherlands is the country with most bikes per capita in the world and biking is one of the coolest things of my everyday life here; it is so practical, without mentioning cheap and environmentally friendly, and the extra exercise comes as a plus." Patricia Dominquez

"Perhaps the thing we like best about cycling in the Netherlands is just watching the Dutch go about their daily business on a bike. We rarely go for a ride without seeing something that makes us smile. When you need a break from pedaling, grab a seat on a bench or in a café and watch the world go by." Friedel Grant

"Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would trade a car for a bicycle. But it works brilliantly and I’ve realised that between public transport and my bicycle I really don’t need a car. [...]  Being so free and carefree in this wonderful country is one of the most unexpected and brilliant feelings in the world. And to think, to really experience it I had to learn to ride a bike."Lizelle Smit