Purple display on heath cycle routes

Published on 6 August 2014 by Hilary Staples

In August, when the heather is in bloom, the heath unfolds a purple carpet - a wonderful sight! Here are some heath cycle routes you're sure to enjoy this time of year.


Bike tax controversy in Amsterdam

Published on 28 July 2014 by Hilary Staples

Amsterdam businesses want to introduce a tax on bikes to finance new bike parking facilities in the city centre. This proposal hasn't gone down too well with cyclists. So what's it all about and how realistic are the plans?


Dutch cyclists under influence

Published on 4 July 2014 by Hilary Staples

Drinking and cycling is dangerous, we all know that. Still, the majority of Dutch cyclists ride home under influence of alcohol after a night out. No less than 68% exceed the legal alcohol limit.


Battle of Arnhem - 70th anniversary

Published on 2 June 2014 by Hilary Staples

In September Holland will be commemorating the Battle of Arnhem, the largest airborne operation ever at the time. Find out more about this bit of WWII history on our Arnhem Airborne Cycle Route.


More bikes on Dutch trains

Published on 12 May 2014 by Hilary Staples

Are you coming to Holland by train with your bike? Or will you take your bike on the train to get to the beginning of your cycle route? Then there’s good news. From 2015 Dutch Rail is to make more room for bikes on the train.


Windmill cycle routes

Published on 28 April 2014 by Hilary Staples

The weekend of 10 and 11 May it’s National Windmill Day. An ideal oportunity to get on your bike and try out one of our windmill cycle routes.


The Dutch Royal family meets the press at De Horsten on 7 juli 2012. Photo by Beeldcentrum Rijksoverheid © RVD

The Dutch royal family on the bike

Published on 25 April 2014 by Hilary Staples

Holland is a cycling nation. The young and the old, the rich and the poor, everybody takes to the bike - even the Dutch royal family!


The Dutch & their bikes photo book

Published on 22 April 2014 by Hilary Staples

The Dutch and their bicycles, they’re pretty legendary. In her new photo book The Dutch & Their Bikes, US photographer and author Shirley Agudo gives us a glimpse of Holland's unique cycling culture.