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The national long-distance cycle network (LF routes) is a series of signposted routes intended for cycling holidays. You can pick up some of the national long-distance routes right in the centre of Amsterdam.
Cycling the Zuiderzee Route. Photo © Holland-Cycling.comCycling the Zuiderzee Route. Photo © Holland-Cycling.com

The LF Zuiderzee Route is a round trip around the former Zuiderzee that starts and finishes in Amsterdam.

You can cycle a LF route as separate long-distance route, or - as the LF routes form a network across Holland - combine them into a route of your own. Combining the LF routes often gives you a more varied route and allows you to get back to your starting point.

Example of a round trip from Amsterdam using the national long-distance cycle network

Amsterdam to Utrecht - numbered cycle network
Utrecht to The Hague - LF4 (Middle of Holland Route)
The Hague to IJmuiden - LF Coastal Route
IJmuiden to Amsterdam - numbered cycle network

For an overview of all the national long-distance routes and how the network works, go to: National long-distance cycle network.

LF routes passing through Amsterdam

LF Zuiderzee Route (LF Zuiderzeeroute)
Amsterdam - Amsterdam (440 km)

The Zuiderzee Route is one of the most popular Dutch long-distance routes that takes you all the way round the IJsselmeer.