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Walking the dog the Dutch way

The Dutch use their bicycles for almost anything: commuting to work, getting their daily shopping, they even ‘walk’ the dog by bike.


High speed on cycle paths, part 3

Is the high-speed pedelec a threat or opportunity? The Dutch Cyclists' Union put this question to cyclists in January. In part 3 of our series High speed on cycle paths we look at the heated debate this triggered.


High speed on cycle paths, part 2

When is an e-bike a bike and when does it become a moped? In part 2 of our series High speed on Dutch cycle paths we look at the legal status of the e-bike


High speed on cycle paths, part 1

In recent years Holland has seen a growing number of cycling accidents, mostly involving only one cyclist. This increase is greatest among elderly cyclists. The e-bike, which allows elderly cyclists to ride more and faster too, is thought to be to blame.


The bike light vending machine

It’s dark, your bike lights are broken, you're far from home. Do you risk riding home without lights? Not if it’s up to the Dutch Cyclists’ Union. Their solution is simple: a bike light vending machine.


Cycling through a Van Gogh painting

Holland is to get the world’s first glow-in-the-dark cycle path in 2014. The design was inspired by Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh’s The Starry Night.


Bicycle helmet - compulsory or not?

Bicycle helmets are not compulsory in Holland. Don’t the Dutch care about the safety of their cyclists, or are there better ways of protecting cyclists?


Tour de France 2015 to start in Utrecht

The Tour de France 2015 is to start in the Dutch town of Utrecht, the organisers of the world’s biggest cycling race announced on Friday.


Campaign against smartphones on bike

Internetting on your bicycle - should it be allowed? At the moment using a smartphone on the bike is legal in Holland. But should it remain so? Next month VVN will be launching a campaign against all use of the smartphone in traffic, especially focusing on cyclists.


Bringing Dutch bike culture to Britain

Can the Dutch bike culture help reduce traffic congestion in Britain? BBC correspondent Anna Holligan cycled from The Hague to London to find out if Britain could and should be going Dutch.


Welcome to the blog

Welcome to our blog

After months of preparation and many miles of cycling, is about to go live. It’s an exciting moment. Will you be able to find our website? And if so, will you like it enough to come back again? Who are you, we wonder.


Roadside assistance by bike

Everyone in Holland knows the yellow patrol cars of the ANWB Wegenwacht. Now, in Amsterdam and Scheveningen, a patrol officer may also come to your rescue by bike.